Im dating an engaged woman

The 7 stages of falling in love with someone who's already in a relationship Going on for total of 7, 8, 9 months or so and I am starting to really like her a lot. I think I'm falling in love. She's said things to me such as she obsessed with me and that she misses me and all that.

“Yeah, He’s Engaged & I’m The Other Girl, But I Should Be The One”

Like I said, everything was casual in my eyes. All of a sudden it was like a switch was flipped andI'm finding myself falling for her. What do I do? I don't want to create drama in her life I don't want to push her away Join Date Jun Gender: Age 30 Posts If she loves you back, she will break it off with her fiance and come after you. She will NEVER break it off while you two are sleeping together, and she is getting the best of both worlds.

Dont state your feeling of love or anything for her when you break it off. Good luck with everything. Be efficient and polite in your message, and then go NC for a long period of time. Join Date May Gender: Originally Posted by Portrait.


Join Date Apr Gender: Age 34 Posts 2, Just enjoy it but stop putting her on such a pedestal. Join Date Jul Gender: Once a cheater cheats and knows they can get away with it then they will always be a cheater.

And also shame on you for allowing yourself to sleep with someone who is engaged. Whenever he calls, you jump to his beckon call.

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Check out these six true stories of guys who admit why they said yes to sleeping with an engaged woman, who was just months, weeks or even. Thread: I'm falling in love with an engaged girl. Results 1 Join Date: Jan ; Posts: 1 Date other women*, you'll soon feel less infatuated.

However, you can only call or text him at certain times, hours, and days. You take it in the butt.

If he needs you to run an errand for him, you happily oblige. When he complains about his girl, you give him an attentive ear, listening for ways to not be like her. So you stroke his ego, and make him feel good about himself. All the while, he is dumping all of his drama, stress, and aggression on you, and yes, you love taking it in because you feel you are being supportive and nurturing and loving. And, one day he is going to drop his girl and run into your loving awaiting arms.

Honey, you women will learn. Stop being a doormat and letting these men walk all over you. You are a silly trick and tricks are always being played. Girl, I want to drop kick you in the back of your neck. Think about that statement. No really think about it.

Here are seven things that may happen when you find yourself in a forbidden love situation.

Why would they care? The Other Girl , he is not going to leave his woman for you.

He is enjoying the attention you give him, and trust me, there are several other women giving him the same attention, especially if you say he is in the industry. Girl, stop playing yourself and get yourself together. So from this day moving forward, when you meet men who are in relationships, just walk away, cross the street, and keep strutting. How many of you would date someone who is engaged, despite knowing the situation going in, and want to have a relationship with them?

I'm falling in love with an engaged girl

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